“The process of change.”

Aanjichigewin Health Promotion Program

Welcome to N’Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre’s Aanjichigewin Health Promotion Program.  Aanjichigewin means “the process of change” in Anishinabemoowin.  The focus of the program is on promoting positive health behaviours such as staying active, eating right and staying smoke free, to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer, increasing individual health throughout the lifespan.  Health promotion is also about the community health.  Creating healthy communities means creating an environment where people feel safe and comfortable to practice healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Health promotion is slowly becoming a priority in the Canadian government’s overall plan for health.  Health promoters are an important part of your community’s health care team.  Instead of focusing on your health after diagnosis of a health condition, Health Promoters focus on strengthening the factors that protect you from disease and health problems, and can ultimately build our peoples resiliency by improving overall quality of life.

Through health education and community based programs and initiatives, the Aanjichigewin Health Promotion Program provides support to N’Mninoeyaa’s 8 partner sites: Atikameksheng, Sagamok, Serpent River, Mississaugi, Thessalon, Garden River, Batchewana, and Indian Friendship Centre of Sault Ste. Marie.



Activity 1: Family Fit

Parents and children participate in physical fitness together increasing their weekly physical activity.

Activity 2: Healthy Eating Programming for Children and Teens

Children and Youth improve their food skills and healthy eating practices, improve access to healthy foods.

Activity 3: Indigenous Food and Activity Program

Participants learn about indigenous foods and medicines, and land based activities and how to include in daily living.

Activity 4: Movers and Shakers Youth Leadership program and Regional Gathering

Youth increase their leadership abilities in sport and recreation. Youth learn about Indigenous foods and wellness.


Activity 1: Family Kitchen

Increase knowledge on healthy eating and building healthy eating behaviours. Improving access to healthy foods for parents.

Activity 2: Diabetes Prevention Program

Increase knowledge and support of healthy living behaviour change, increase healthy eating and physical activity.

Activity 3: Aambe Maajaadaa! Physical Activity Challenge and 5 km Walk/Run

Increase regular physical activity. Build community and solidarity in physical fitness.

Activity 4: Weight Management for Adults program

Adults increase their knowledge about healthy eating and active living for maintaining a healthy weight, improve their motivation, set goals, and increase their circle of support.


Activity 1: Movers and Shakers Youth Engagement Training

Adults learn how to positively engage youth in smoking prevention program. Youth learn about the tobacco industry.

Activity 2: Smoking Cessation programming

Program registration participants learn about the health risks associated with commercial tobacco use. They also learn about the sacred use of tobacco/kinikanik. Reduce or quit the use of commercial tobacco. Increase quit attempts, intentions to quit.

For more information about the Aanjichigewin Health Promotion Program please contact Lisa Marie Naponse, Aanjichigewin Health Educator/Promoter East End or Amy Allison, Aanjichigewin Health Educator/Promoter West End

Aanjichigewin Health Educator/Promoter

Lisa Marie Naponse, B.P.H.E
Phone: 705-844-2021 ext. 305
Cell: 705-862-1114
Email: lisa-marie.naponse@nmninoeyaa.ca

Cynthia McCutcheon, MPH
Cell: 705-849-7136
Fax: 705-759-8716
Email: cynthia.mccutcheon@nmninoeyaa.ca